Branding Smokey Jo’s Garage

We created a piece of the USA in Antwerp/Berchem for Smokey Jo’s Garage. This summer pop-up is characterised by a street & graffiti style. A variety of activities and live music events take place throughout the summer. BBQ, craft beer and whiskey are central to this accessible summer pop-up. The kids were not forgotten about, they were provided with a real American playground to explore.

Client: Smokey Jo’s Garage
Project: Branding
Branche: Horeca

We created a no-nonsense logo for this concept, inspired by and with a cheeky reference to the Brewery De Koninck. One of the reasons is that the location of the pop-up was the old warehouse of that same brewery. We created a website, the menus, custom t-shirts for kitchen and room staff, and a custom calendar in which we could showcase the entire summer program. We paid a lot of attention to the signage and created an illuminated sign as an eye-catcher, with the essence of the summer popup: “if you are looking for fairytales, go to fucking Disneyland.” The interior is designed by our in-house architect Not Before Ten.