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Kasper Stuart

Kasper is one of the founders of Monkeys at Midnight and also the Chief Creative Officer.

His responsibilities: strategy, marketing and creativity. About 18 years ago, when Kasper first started his own business, he had a few important principles in mind. Even today, they remain the basics for his work policy. He is tremendously passionate about the power of creativity and its influence on solving commercial business issues. Through the connection of people and brands and his unconditional faith in quality and continuity, Kasper has put a number of very successful businesses and brands on the map, both nationally and internationally. In his spare time, Kasper is bitten by traveling, surfing, cycling, yoga and everything that includes food and beverage.


Eddy is the Graphic Director of Monkeys at Midnight and has final responsability for all communication.

Eddy is a graphic designer by trade, ever working with form and colour. His attention always goes to a successful total package: logo, corporate identity, branding, advertising, photography, website, social media… In short, everything needed to communicate professionally – and this within a specific time frame! His years of experience allow him to swiftly respond to market tendencies and the wishes of his clients. It also gives him a big creative pool of junior designers and freelancers to dip into. Two decades since he first begun in this business, he’s still passionate about the job: “It keeps your mind healthy!”.
Eddy has a thing about Apple, likes adventurous travels, different cultures, far too long conversations and his motorcycle.

Bart Van de Cloot

Bart handles the online communication.

He’s a fan of Open Source Software, Android and Mobile first. His drive to closely watch ánd understand trends is admirable. It therefore doesn’t frighten him at all to be surrounded by specialists in programming languages and ‘content management systems’.
Are you still following? Because he is. Thanks to his wide base of education, he is more than capable of bridging the gap between people’s wishes and their fulfilment. Bart follows up on every project, so Monkeys at Midnight is able to quickly switch gears when developing the perfect site or application.
In his spare time, Bart enjoys running, biking and food. Although the proportions tend to get schewed…


Robin is Junior Graphic Designer at Monkeys at Midnight.

He ended up there with a background in publication, trying to bring a fresh approach to design, photography and audiovisual communication. As an adventurous spirit, he doesn’t shy away from challenges and constantly looks for new and creative viewpoints. After a lot of looking, him and Eddy start sprinting towards the deadline – and make it. He is unstoppable, even at a country’s borders. But push a guitar into his hands and a soothing calm falls over him.

Kurt Hereygers

Kurt has been a successful interior architect and designer for over 15 years.

In 2009, he started up his own design agency, Not Before Ten. He has realised the designs of multiple thriving restaurants, bars, night clubs and shops throughout the years. Originality, functionality ánd a unique design form the basis of each one of those projects. Kurt is a conceptual thinker with a big love for graphic design and brand experience. Working together with Monkeys at Midnight came obvious, because the graphic work has to fit harmoniously with his drawings. Projects come out conceptually stronger this way, almost always creating extra commercial value. Kurt is a gifted amateur chef and likes Duvel, travelling and good company.

Wendy Vercauteren

Wendy is a freelance copywriter for Monkeys at Midnight.

With a brain that likes to work extra hours, Wendy felt compelled to study both law and communication back in the day. She eventually let go of her ambition to become a media lawyer, in order to take the helm of both an arthouse cinema in Ghent and a cultural publication for Ghent and Antwerp. Online and offline alike, Wendy focuses on fluent communication, propelled by a love a language. Nowadays, the world of social media holds so few secrets for her, she might just translate it into a good old fashioned book.
In her spare time, Wendy makes plans to remodel her houseboat, and on occasion hops on her racing bike.

Robin Van Cleemput

Wendy is a freelance copywriter for Monkeys at Midnight.

Ever since he was a kid, he was always scribbling crazy essays and stories onto empty pages. During his time as a student of Linguistics and Literature, his scholarly writings inevitably became more boring and long. In order to let his creativity run free, he then started writing satirical articles, columns and music reviews. In the meantime, he became obsessed by the wonders of social media, both recreationally as professionally. He carries all that baggage into the offices of Monkeys at Midnight, where he delivers text that compels to read. Besides work, Robin likes to bluff at a poker table, beat a punching bag or obsess about music.

Sofie Mercier

Wendy is a freelance copywriter for Monkeys at Midnight.

During her journalism education, she discovered how language is a playground: sometimes a place to juggle words, often times the location where syllables, interpunction and pure concentration translate into the perfect sandcastle. Through columns, reviews and lots of unpublished letters, Sofie found an outlet for her thoughts, and final drafting became a tool to soothe the neurotic inside.In a less professional context, her pen transforms into a crayon and movement on a sheet of paper and becomes dance.

Lennert Deprettere

Lennnert is a freelance photographer for Monkeys at Midnight.

After studying photography at L’École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc de Liège, Lennert spent some years working as both a location and studio photographer for different agencies and companies. He also has ties to the photography department at Luca School of Arts’ campus Narafi in Brussels. He’s been a freelance lifestyle, interior and culinary photographer since 2009. Along with his magazine and publicity work, he has worked on up to thirty cooking books. And let’s not forget about the notable names in interior design spread throughout his portfolio. He uses his camera as an excuse to hang around the finest hotels, café’s and restaurants! Any combination of photography, a nice location, good food and funky people seems to have a mysterious attraction to him.

Sien Josephine

Sien Josephine is a self-taught photographer with a love for portraits and salted peanuts.

A professional photographer since 2011, she has worked for i.a. I Love Techno, Zalando, Timberland and the Royal Ballet of Flanders. Next to that, she has organised two expositions: ‘Broken Faces’ in Lier (2014) and more recently ‘Buurtjongens’ (2015), which made the national press. Her work is characterised by lots of light and soft colours, but is especially recognised for the deep interest it portrays for the people in front of the lens.


Prefers to create his own world.

One where humour, horror, monkeys, girls with curls and rock ‘n’ roll make his heart beat faster. He even gives our darling little Wiske a raw edge while pulling a black rabbit out of a hat. His drawing is analog as well as digital, on a small sheet of paper as well as a huge wall. In other words, his swift lines tackle just about everything.

Davey ‘WAXX’ Verhaeghe

Painter, musician, DJ, …
A structured scatterbrain, a design ace.

He paints both on canvas and on cardboard, from small sizes to huge murals.
His style? Rather abstract, and he seldom stays inside the lines. Davey doesn’t adhere to any one philosophy but relies heavily on emotion. All of that’s reflected in his use of colours, rhythms and contrasts. Squares, triangles and stripes dominate his work.

Rens Declercq

(Audio) visual storyteller

With great pleasure Rens jumbles together a proper serving of motion, the perfect colour balance, the right lighting and, if given half a chance, a big ol’ dash of 3D in a large blender. Add that lovely montage mix of rhythm, beats, cool graphics and a good story and he’s over the moon. From manning the camera himself to full-on post-production, montage, motion design, compositing and colour corrections: the sky is the limit for this sound and vision wizard. Next to all that digital force, Rens also enjoys going to work with a brush and a pencil, thus nourishing his analogue side.

Xavier Segers

The last dodo

After working for several years in Belgian advertising agencies, he moved in 2014 to London where he works as an art director and graphic designer. Everything he does starts with a well-thought-out concept. From there on out, he sets out on a artful journey to explore the concept’s themes and intricacies using his multidisciplinary background for a compass. His goal? To time and time again deliver inspiring work that does its own talking. Xavier is most happy creating identities, drawing up illustrations and brewing a good cup of coffee.

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